Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Artist Residence corner scene.

This model is loosely based and inspired by Hans Heyson's residence at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, SA. I just love visiting the place. I've taken a number of photos, but also used NEARMAP to get some approximate dimensions across the front. The measuring tool on NEARMAP is a great resource.
I built this model in S scale to help with the forced perspective of the scene. The artist studio to the front of the scene is O scale.

The materials used where card stock, Grandt windows, modelling clay, styrene, VR corrugated sheets from Railcar, various brass tubing and wire and acetate for the glazing.

I built this models over 4 days early in the mornings before the exhibition. It was at a stage of just pushing through to get the scenes built. CA adhesive and hair dryers really help. The building is internally lit with yellow glow LEDS and printed interior walls make up the inside detailing.

Heres the process shots.

The basic structure after adding the bay windows roof and beginning the stone work using the modelling clay. Note the paper triangle templates used for getting the angles and shapes just right.

Close up.

Starting to add the interior fore shortened walls.

Overall footprint of the structure. The walls helped straighten the front up.

The PCB for holding the LEDS. From DCC Concepts.

Ready to Paint. The upper walls have been stuccoed using the modelling clay appyed with a dampened brush. So easy.

First coats of paint on stone work. Dilute artist acrylics. Burnt Umber, Sienna, Reds. and Indian ink washes

Roof panels added.

Nother shot.

And again.

From the back.

Little details.


Alcove with ajar door

Placement in the corner of the module to test fit. The black behind will be covered by the gums foliage.

The perspective happening well.

Iron added and beginning to paint up and weather. Curtains added.

Weathering roof with white dry brushing to bring out the corrugation highlights.

'Nother shot.


Beginning to add the front garden. Pot details and foliage from scenic express. The little trees are small fine branched twigs with static grass added. Gives a nice whispy effect.
Other photos on the blog  show the overall effect of the finished scene. It was a good fun project. The gums behind really settle the building back into the backdrop scene. And, when you visit Hahn Dorf, the Hans Heyson Gallery is a must visit.