Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Artists Studio.

Following on from the previous post about the artists residence, heres some construction shots of the the artists studio. Built out of similar materials to the residence, the trickiest part was the outside verandah. It was constructed from balsa wood and Mt Albert Scale lumber and some grandt line bolt details. I sort of had to ad lib a bit to make it fit the site on the cliff edge.

The basic shell. Stone work scribed into modelling clay with various scribing tools. Theres about 3 hours work in that from scribing to painting. Make sure you have on an  interesting talk or enjoyable music to provide healthy distractions to the fairly tedious process. The floor mats are printed images of rugs from the internet.
Paintings and easel are images printed on card and scribed to give the frame of the painting some 3 dimensionalness. The walls are scribed with brown coloured pencils. The stained balsa sheet for the floor boards in foreground ready for cutting into planks.
Roof painted and waethered. The chimney yet to be coloured.
Beginning the verandah timber work. Timbers where given grain with small cutting blades and wire brushes, Stained with water colours and isosopropyl India ink washes then dry brushed with off whites and greys to bring out the grain.
The main pieces.
Test fitting and the screen door in place.
The Painting and weathering table..well some of it.
Bulding the supports for the verandah which will will go down to points on the cliff face. The studio is lit with 2 LEDs.
'Nother view.
Building the veranda railings.
Gluing the building in place...yes that is a mini mallet on the roof holding it down until the glue held it in place.
The scene basically finished . There are many more other little details I want to add when time permits.

 Ther'll be more soon.