Friday, January 9, 2015

New years Fun

 Christmas does bring some surprises.

Has been a while since last posting, but Christmas always brings some new surprises. Here are a few fun shots of a speedway outfit  that my brother prepared for me. These are 1:87 models displayed on my On30 module (hence some of the details are not to scale.) Tim also made the wheat truck. The speedway setup is reminiscent of speedwaying in the 60's and 70's, when stock cars were open and pretty basic. The character of those times and styles have been perfectly captured..thanks Tim!

 Here we find the crew winding up out of the Orphan Valley on their way to a speedway meet, followed by the grader, also headed to the speedway track.  The farmer should just have enough time to get home, shower and return for the meet later on in the evening with his family.

A wrong turn over the railway line has meant a slight delay as they wait for a 44 class led freight to make its way across the valley heights.