Tuesday, June 4, 2013

AMRA 2013 Model Railway Exhibition Perth Western Australia

 AMRA 2013 Model Railway Show Perth
On the June long weekend each year, AMRA holds the Model Railway show at the Claremont Showgrounds. It is a very big show. As mentioned in previous posts, the ModofAu guys were presenting one layout, consisting of 3 parts - Oberon, Tarana and the Hawkesbury Bridge. This NSWGR layout was set around the 60's to 70's time era. Here are some photos capturing the  weekend. Most photos were taken on Peter Higgins layout Oberon and features mostly my rolling stock and locos. Click on the photo's for much larger versions.

Peter, who owns Oberon, and Rodney, owner of Hawkesbury getting things organised.
The beginnings of Hawkesbury Bridge.

3830 ( a Model Dockyard brass model) heads the first train across the bridge for a test run.
A successful crossing. The loco is fitted with Loksound and fibre optic lighting. The bogie water gin is the Casula Silvermaz kit with Keiran Ryans detail kit plus other extra details.

Early morning in Oberons yard, the first mixed freight is ready to leave with some return freight and empties, but still has to pick up the cattle cars, and load some cattle from the yards. 4401 has been sent up the branch line for some extra work.
Peter H's CPH number 5 awaits the return early morning trip, before the freight goes down the line. In the background the station masters daughter is sent to see what he wants for morning tea.
The boys are nearly ready to start work, but need to finish their catchup of the weekends activities.
Old Mr Walters only has his wheat lorry running at the moment, and has stopped by to see if his delivery of farm parts has arrived, before overseeing the loading of his cattle down at the yards.

4401 has picked up more wagons, and is patiently waiting for the cattle to be loaded.

Mr Walters doesn't rush things.
Meanwhile back at the yard, another strange guest has arrived.

The 2 mainline locos dominate the yard.
A late evening storm is approaching. 3830 waits patiently for the 44 to clear the goods siding before picking up an assortment of rolling stock ready to head out in the late evening.
4401 finally gets to head out back towards Tarana for mainline duties.

The storm is fast approaching the mainline back at Tarana. A 48 class sits at the station.

The judges looked favorably upon our contribution to this years Exhibition. What was more satisfying was seeing the smiles and knowledge that we had contributed to giving kids and adults a happy experience and knowing they will go away with positive experiences of a Model Train Show.

 Thanks to Peter, Paul, Rodney, Andrew and John for a good weekend and allowing me to participate and run all sorts of trains on the branchline. Who'd of thought, a 38 at Oberon!