Sunday, March 24, 2013

Painting Backdrops
It's been a while since I posted, but the New Year is well, apart from heaps of computer work for school, I have in the last week completed a back scene for one of the layouts for this years Perth Model Railway Show as well as completing a few carriages. This backscene is  going behind a layout based on Tarana NSW which will be part of a bigger exhibition layout.
You may see the back drop is sitting on the back of our sectional roller door in the car port - for an easel the back beams of the door worked really well to support the 600mm high 3mm MDF lengths. I tek screwed a couple lengths of aluminum L bracket to the bottom beam and a few clips on the top beam...easily braced and supported the backdrops. Only one incidence of my wife activating the rooler door with the remote. Got to her in the nick of time.
I have one more set of backdrops to do.  
Undercoated and the blues are housepaint blues applied with roller and then blended with a 5 inch brush.
Clouds and distant hills blocked in with Acrylic paints. I use Ateliar artist acrylics.

Hills going in.
Building up the distant hill foliage and trees, and starting to create valleys and rises.
Other end of the scene. Few bigger closer gums in the foreground.

The finished scene. The unfinished bottom bits will fasten to the layout baseboards and have scenery coming up to meet the backscene.