Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cool Internet Resource - PhotoMaps by NearMap

I became aware of this site recently and I believe it is a relatively young resource....
It is just like Google maps, but you can zoom in a lot closer than Googles Free service. What I like about this getting in closer is that it can inform and inspire us in the placement of objects and details. Take this photo of "a behind the farm sheds" scene - crane, flatbed trailers, rusty sheet metal, pile of scrap etc
Not only do you get the placement of things, you get good colouring guides for both the machinery and the ground covers. (Click on the picture to get a bigger view)
Here is the same site but zoomed out a bit further.
 In this zoomed out shot, you get a better idea of the subtle blends and overall coloring of the ground covers, from greens to grey-browns and what vehicle tracks look like.

Here is a shot of part of the local railway yard, and good guidance on road, ballast and other details.

Hope you enjoy exploring the site and photos as I have.

Ps As the election still hasn't been decided, my painted people are still in process... some still wandering what colours they will end up with. 
PPS Note to me... don't use too much GREEN...we'll soon be oveR-Run by them...Lord have mercy.

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