Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Weathering Inspiration

Have been spending Christmas at my in-laws in the Adelaide Hills at Nairne. Have enjoyed traveling around and seeing the lovely old buildings, railway formations and buildings, farm settings, all with plenty of rust, peeling paint  and variation of colouring - great for modeling inspiration - character, form and coloring. There is such a wealth of heritage in the Adelaide hills and surrounds. Time is frozen. The variation in rust colours and the examples of peeling paint are in abundance. For reference photos check out my collection which will grow as I add more at:
An example of the rust colouring and peeling paint textures. This was taken at
Nairne Railway station on the old yard crane.

Now to go out and find some more ref examples. in between finishing of the ham and turkey. Must be up to day 3 of the same...ham for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

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