Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Modelling the Past with a view to the Future.

 Airfix Modelling Adventure

Well, here is a diversion from Trains. As a teacher I get to do a variety of things. So being the 75th Anniversary of the Spitfire, I thought I would follow James Mays lead, and introduce my extension group students to the world of Airfix. 12 students are in the process of building their own Spitfire, as well as learning about the Battle of Britain and what it took to overcome the great odds. The kids are going well, but the little containers of Humbrol Paints that come with the kits aren't too secure, quite top heavy with the attached lids, and we have had a few spillages which adds to the experience ( well, for the teacher anyway). All good fun with the kids handling the tasks well...showing good enthusiasm...just can't wait till we get to the decals!
We are using a few different Airfix Kits of various Marks of Spitfire.
Bit like a production line.

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  1. Hey Rugey - this looks awesome mate!! You haven't posted a pic of your build yet.