Monday, June 25, 2012

The Fuel Depot Tanks
The fuel depot tanks where constructed from a Tamiya Spray Can lid and a caulking glue tube section.  Comments below photos.

I built up a slightly peaked roof using no more gaps on the small tank. The sides of the tanks where scribed and then Micro Mark rivet decals applied. The rivet decals work a real treat.
A brass roof was added to the larger tank and small details like breathers and openings.

The tanks primed.

The rivet decal sheets and testing basic placement.

Building the wooden framework for the smaller tank. Bolt details added.

More placement tests and the weathering begins.

Hose detail added to the tanker. Hose made from 1.8mm solder and painted with matt khaki and dark greens. Also Oil black added on deck of flat car.

Esso decal (created on Decal paper using laser printer) and white band added to the large tank. Some lighter weathering.

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