Thursday, June 7, 2012

 Some of the mini scenes....

 Here are a few shots of some of the characters on the module. Of course...they are all busily at work.

Charles hard at work repairing the walk way down to the spring fed water hole that the locos use to fill up their water tender with a hose.

The artists wife making sure the hired hand spreads the gravel in the right places.
Artist Tom 'Brushes' Borgland peruses his latest art piece on the verandah of his studio overlooking the Warrumbullen Valley.

W.R. Edwards takes stock of the latest delivery of oil drums. His son Will Jnr does the lifting and moving work.

Old William Edwards Snr waits for the Shay to clear the loop with the tanker delivery.

Number 4 sits quietly waiting to place the tanker at the Esso depot.

Will Jnrs brother Ronny heads out of the workshop after giving his Harley a tune, under the deft guidance of long time mechanic Danny Stedan.

Remember to check out the video in the last Post.

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